Every year or every few months, employers are looking for new applicants. There’s no denying that these applicants are more equipped, trained and knowledgeable than ever before. As time goes on, and employers are improving screening and onboarding processes, we’re seeing progressively stronger workforces emerge into successful labor markets. In these markets and job fields, employers are able to effectively train and work with employees to get them what they need to work comfortably and fulfill their potential.

As a member of the workforce, there is a level of responsibility in regards to contributing to the best of your ability. Dedication, drive, and passion are common traits of strong employees. But how did we get to this point, and how do we ensure this continues to keep our economy stable? Both employers and job seekers are improving their processes full circle, and are committed to revisiting these processes periodically.

Screening employees and sifting through job applications helps employers get closer to finding the perfect fit for their labor market. Employers ask themselves: What are the job requirements, certifications, qualifications, and the necessary character traits for this job? The increased recognition of proactive screening processes and recruitment processes has skyrocketed, and employers are putting great effort into finding the right candidates. With the increased importance of screening and hiring processes, people seeking jobs have also really stepped up their game. Researching labor markets and job opportunities has become highly important for young professionals entering the workforce.

Job seekers are targeting their job search more and more. With this continuum of researching, applying, and continuing to grow in a specific industry, job seekers don’t stop there. Training and reviews allow employees to identify weaknesses, improve when needed, recognize what’s working, and continue to do great. This helps create a strong workforce and contributes greatly to a strong economy.

Employers are constantly looking to find the right employees and to better their onboarding process. When employees feel gratified, and receive clear and concise feedback, this increases employee retention and helps a business sustain. Without these efforts on both the employers and the job seekers sides, we wouldn’t see such success. There are tons of resources for both job seekers and employers in your region. Look into some of these resources on our MassHire North Shore Workforce Board website. We offer resources for both employers and job seekers at our Career Centers. Learn how you can help create a stable economy by being a member of a strong workforce, or employing and training a strong workforce.

The North Shore Workforce Board (NSWB) is composed of knowledgeable and influential business and community leaders who are appointed by the Mayor of Salem on behalf of the nineteen communities that make up the North Shore region. The board serves as the oversight and policy-making body for federally funded employment and training services in the region. The board also has the broader role of addressing critical labor market issues and developing strategic partnerships with local leaders in economic development, the K-12 and higher education system, government agencies, chambers of commerce, community-based, and labor organizations.