F1rstJobs 2023 – Summer Job Worksites

Worksite Request for Reimbursement

Our worksite application format has changed!
Please follow the directions to complete the ONLINE application along with required attachments.

Questions may be submitted via email only – katie@masshire-northshorewb.com

Applications for youth will be available in April. That process is managed by MassHire North Shore Youth Career Center. https://tinyurl.com/74a5cchz


1. VIEW the online form application and related documents at https://masshire-northshorewb.com/wib-rfp/

YOU ARE HERE! STEP ONE- Read the direction package.

2. Attend the virtual Bidder’s Conference on April 5 at 10am.
3. Prepare a plan for teen employees this summer
4. Complete Form 1- Budget
5. Complete Form 2- Job Descriptions (include form 2a if applying for funds for 22-25y.o.)
6. COMPLETE the online form application at https://forms.gle/yHFK8s2wJSPqw5e46
7. Upload the completed Budget, Form 1
8. Upload the completed Job Description, Form 2, 2a
9. For new applicants, upload the agency nonprofit status letter or fiscal agent letter.
10 Check email for confirmation that your form has been submitted.