In our last blog we examined how managers and business leadership can help support their remote workforce. Today we are taking a look at how you can help your employees develop their skills while at home. 

Business leaders can’t just push the pause button on learning and skill development during this pandemic. In fact, the opposite should be true. This is a fantastic time to take advantage of extra time to help develop the skills of your team members. 

Our last blog mentioned that, “39% of people working from home complete their tasks faster than those in fixed workplaces.” With that being said, employees could use extra time to gain valuable training and development of skills that they would otherwise not have time to learn. 

Working to build professional skills

Promote Digital Learning 

Around the world, organizations are using digital learning to increase collaboration among teams that are working either remotely or across different time zones, as they take courses together and collaborate in virtual formats (such as videoconferencing and instant messaging). 

For a comprehensive list of online learning companies that are offering free or reduced cost online learning check out TrainingIndustry for products and services. 

woman working with others

Promote Collaboration 

Along with encouraging your team members to take advantage of online learning and certification courses, it is also a good idea to have your team members share their wealth of knowledge as well. For example, maybe you have an employee that is a whiz on project management, presentation, or how to network effectively. Ask him or her to share their knowledge of skill with other members of your team. They could do this over Zoom, Google Meet aka Hangouts, Skype for Business, or GoToMeeting. Make it fun! Not only is this a way to help develop your employees in certain specific skills, but it will allow for other employees to show some leadership skills in training others. 

Enlist the Help of Business Leaders

Your management team can be a great resource during this time to help develop the skills of your entire team. Just like you would like employees to collaborate on special skills and knowledge that they have, your business leaders are in a unique position to share what they have learned over the years they have been in the industry with younger members of your staff. 

For help with supporting your workforce, check out our resources pages at North Shore Career Center and MassHire North Shore