The Coronavirus pandemic is completely redefining how workplaces manage their employees, communicate with each other, and get the work done. How can your company support your employees while they are adjusting to their new normal? Let’s take a closer look. 

Remote work has been offered in some industries for years. It was meant as a way for companies to offer a more flexible lifestyle to their employees and as a perk to retain talented employees. Now, it has become the norm for more than 75% of the workforce of our region. 

There are several ways employers can support their remote employees as they navigate this new way of working. 

Define Goals 

Sometimes remote employees feel like they have no set course and need concrete goals for both the short and long-term. Be sure that there is enough work to be done and that they have definitive time structures for each task. Amazingly remote workers tend to get work done faster despite home distractions. In fact, according to research, 39% of people working from home complete their tasks faster than those in fixed workplaces.

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Maintain Good Communications 

It may feel like we have all had crash courses in online teleconferencing on apps such as: Google Meet aka Hangouts, Skype for Business, or GoToMeeting. These are all great ways to check in with your employees and make sure everyone is doing well and that projects are being completed on time. 

Along with video conferencing, you will want to step up your game when it comes to using project management tools so that every member of the team knows what has been done for a project and what is left to complete. Slack is also a great way to connect and keep all your team members in touch. It can be casual connections or sharing of docs and project deadlines. 

Empower Your Employees 

Now is a good time to give your employees more leeway on making decisions that were once made by higher management. Allow for as much autonomy as you can in order to keep your team headed toward a goal without having to wait for response or feedback when possible. 

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Give Feedback 

Normally managers would stop by a team members desk in the office to give positive feedback or directions on how to proceed with a project or client. Now that task is harder. As a manager, it is important for you to check in with your employees whether it is via video conference, Slack, or email. Be clear with your expectations and try to remember that this new normal is not easy on any of us. 

For help with supporting your workforce, check out our resources pages at North Shore Career Center and MassHire North Shore