NSWIB Alliance Future of Work ReportThe North Shore Workforce Investment Board (NSWIB) and the North Shore Alliance for Economic Development (Alliance) joined forces in the early winter of 2016 to the North Shore Community on an 18 month research and planning initiative called the “The Future of Work on the North Shore“.

The Alliance and NSWIB are responsible for providing economic and workforce services to all North Shore companies and residents. Both organizations recognize the pace of social and economic change happening now and into the future. Together they are committed to understanding the vision, goals, barriers, and challenges that North Shore businesses are experiencing, or anticipate experiencing, and to developing solutions that result in continued growth and prosperity.

The NSWIB Labor Market Blueprint and Economic Development Snapshot, prepared in partnership with the Alliance in late 2015, provided a status report of the North Shore economy. This included a historic review of how the economy has been supported to date, what has and has not worked, and how the lessons learned can innovated for greater success.

The Future of Work on the North Shore sought out the opinions, ideas, and priorities of various North Shore industries sector leaders and stakeholders as they look forward. This information is being used to develop an Action Plan through which workforce and economic resources are used efficiently and expediently.

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