Our economy is currently fairly strong, which is great for candidates searching for jobs, but not always great for companies who are struggling to find the right job applicants for certain positions in the industry. If the number of applicants for open positions has dwindled as we head into this new decade, your business may be looking for new and more innovative ways to attract the right candidates. 

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Recruiting By The Numbers…

When recruiting for your company, it is crucial to take a look at what human resource statistics tell us about the applicant pool in 2020. According to Zety online, job seekers have some specific desires when it comes to finding the right fit and the right company to apply to. 

Many job candidates rated their career growth as important when searching for a new job. That means recruiters need to show that advancement, training, and future skill-building is possible. 

Candidates also reported that they are looking for some key qualities of a company when starting a job search. Some of those include: on-the-job training, a positive work culture, options for incentives, and time to “do good” in the community. 

Knowing this means that human resources and hiring managers may need to tailor their searches with these things in mind, or at least mention culture, incentives, trainings, and the possibility for career growth during the interview (if not in the job posting itself.) 

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Where to Find the Right Candidates

Traditional methods of recruiting may not be enough for your business to attract the types of candidates you are searching for. We definitely recommend advertising in the locations that you usually do, such as online sites including: Indeed, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, and Career Builder,  just to name a few. 

Beyond that you may need to get creative. Here are a few ideas that may help you find the candidate that will fit perfectly into your company. 

  • Implement an employee referral program. Talk to your best employees and find out how they found your company. It may have been via word-of-mouth, someone they knew, or an impression that your brand or business goals made on them. 
  • Take it to social media! Use some of your advertising on posting the available position on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. If your industry has a specific social media channel, then post on that as well. 
  • Attend industry-related meetups or networking events. This is a great way to find job hunters who are already placed within your industry.
  • Consider past candidates. Review past applications and see if any of them, who may have made the top of the list but not the final cut, are looking and available for a visit. 

Need help finding the right candidates for your company? The North Shore Career Center and MassHire North Shore may be able to help. Check out our calendar and consider coming in to speak with our team to find out some great strategies to land you the job you desire.